The Expansion of Global Leadership


As markets across the developing world start to grow stronger, ever more companies are seeking to expand in these emerging hot spots for global business. The boards of many Multinational Corporations (like Nestle) are now starting to look a lot more multinational with executive board members from all over the world.

Indeed, in business schools across the US and abroad, those in training for leadership positions are being drilled in “global leadership” as a the best model for success. These students are being encouraged, or in some cases required, to spend years of their education in foreign countries in order to get a feel for the foreign. This is globalization today, fully realized and still spreading as markets in the developing world merge with global trade.

While it will always probably be viable to do business and hire domestically, the head honchos of the world are looking outward, anywhere and everywhere. Today’s source article in the Economist discusses (somewhat critically) this emerging figure of “the global leader” and the state of international business in general.

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