The Next Step in Precision Recruitment Marketing


Marketing and recruiting are about as inseparable as wheels and a car, both functions working together to propel the vehicle forward to its destination. If we’re to keep with the car metaphor, the destination in question is a hire — or a whole bunch of hires. At the moment, the marketing function of most recruiters operates either on a broadcast model (mass promotions and email) or a one on one specialized model using data or personal information to try and take a more carefully aimed shot at getting the right person in the right position.

According to today’s article from ERE.net, the future of recruitment marketing lies in a sort of hybrid between the personal approach and the mass media strategy. Instead of one:many or one:one marketing for recruiters, Tracey Parsons believes that the next step will be called one:me marketing. By utilizing the ever-growing wealth of information on candidates in the cloud, Parsons believes that recruiters will not only be able to send the right message to the right person, but also at the right time.

Big data and predictive behavioral technology based on this data might just be the key to both picking up exemplary job seekers and detecting when a star player at another company is looking for better options. To read more about the possibilities of one:me marketing for recruiters, click the link below.

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