Tips for Fighting Stress at Work


Stress is a part of working life. Unlike the stress you experienced in school, the stress that results from the pressures of the work environment can feel a whole lot more real. Unlike turning in an essay late or flunking a mid-term, the mistakes that you make at your job have a real dollar impact on your company and have the potential to jeopardize your livelihood. Sure, most of the mistakes that you’ve made come nowhere near putting your job at risk, but try telling that to your brain! When we experience stress, the same neural pathways that activate when faced with an actual life or death situation are firing at full steam. Those nagging worries that keep you from sleeping or enjoying your afternoon coffee break have your mental wheels spinning at full speed, keeping you from re-cooperating your energy off the clock. In order to be successful in the long term, it’s important to release your stress whenever possible. Accepting stress as something that you “deal with” without actually dealing with it can lead to burn out, which makes it even harder to get your work done.

If you feel that your stress levels are on the rise at work, the best way to start dealing with that stress is to let someone know about it. Opening up to your significant other or a close friend about the workplace troubles that have been eating you up can help to get some fresh perspective on those issues. You might find, as is often the case, that the problems that you’ve been fretting over are much smaller than you’ve built them up to be.

Talking to your supervisor can also be a great way to hit your stress where it lives, especially if it’s your supervisor that’s causing a good deal of your stress in the first place! According to an article from CareerRealism, 80% of the workforce in the US report being stressed out by at least one aspect of their jobs. It’s a common workplace concern and, if this stress is starting to take its tole on your work/life balance, your boss will want to hear about it. The point here is that you can’t start tackling the roots of your stress without getting them out in the open. It doesn’t matter who you open up to, just let your concerns be heard by someone else for a change and you’ll be on your way to a healthier working life.


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