Top Regrets in Business


As the cold clutch of winter flows in over our brittle little bones this December, it is important to reflect on the past in order to plan ahead out into the chilly months before us. Regret is a waste of time, straight up. The only thing good about it is that it signifies a mistake and a totem to a lesson learned.

The problem is that once you learn that lesson, you tend to try to keep learning it until you’ve replayed that verbal misstep on your kid’s field trip for your entire commute. Other people’s regrets cut out the rumination and leave us with just the lesson: a useful thing for all the people that are trying to avoid regrets themselves.

Today’s featured article is about regret (not surprisingly), specifically business regrets. When a group of thirty business professionals were asked about their business regrets, much of their troubles came from not acting when they think they should have. Whether it was not quitting their job or not quitting it soon enough, the polled professionals regretted not going with their gut in most cases. The message is clear: be spontaneous! Throw caution to the winds! Choose a career that really makes YOU happy! Go tell your boss that you actually do hate White Snake and you’re packing up your desk. Or just in small ways, like taking the time to read the featured article by clicking the link below.

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