Unconditional Sick Leave for Workers in Portland


The sick day has traditionally been somewhat of a gray area. In some lines of work, sick days can be traded for time off as readily as vacation days with no questions asked. In others, the request for a sick day can be followed by extensive grilling and even refusal on the grounds that they’re “not sick enough”.

The option for employers to deny workers sick days, however, may soon be coming to an end. Yesterday, Portland, Oregon became the fourth city to make sick leave mandatory for private businesses with 6 or more employees. Instead of the traditional sick day plan in which a certain number of days are allotted each year, employees will earn 1 hour’s sick leave for every 30 that they put in. The measure will protect workers from being fired for calling in sick.

While there can be nothing more obvious and gear-grinding than a convenient case of the flu, employers in Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC will have to sit tight with their objections. To read an article on the subject from the LA Times, click the link below.

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