Unifying Your Web Presence


It’s important to get all that we can out of our expenses. This might sound pretty obvious, like how you obviously don’t throw all of your groceries off of your roof instead of eating them, but not every misuse of resources is as blatant as that. You might even think that you’re getting the most out of the things that you or your company have invested time and money into, but have actually hit an invisible wall somewhere along the line.

In keeping with this weeks theme of springing into better hiring practices, today is all about making sure that your company’s online presence is doing the most that it can for your job seeking efforts.

The first thing that you need to understand is that it’s quite possible for your company’s online presence to do very little for your hiring or even to damage your company’s credibility. You can’t just start posting your job ads to the company Facebook page and expect to see a huge surge in the quantity or quality of the people that apply.

In order for your online presence to be an effective hiring resource, you need to make sure that you’re providing content and information that is actually worth the time that it takes job seekers to read through it. If you aren’t investing enough time in cultivating applicant resources on your careers page or maintaining an engaging social media presence, then how can you reasonably expect any sort of ROI in terms of generating interest in job seekers?

Ideally, you want your online presence to be like a massive spider web for applicants.

One of the reasons that a web is so strong is because of the connectivity of the strands that make it up, making it much more effective than the sum of its parts. In order to get the most out of your company’s online marketing efforts, you want to make sure that job seekers that encounter your company online (be it on a job board or on LinkedIn), have easy access to everything that your company puts out. By linking your company’s careers page, social media presence and straight job marketing, you’re providing everything that a job seeker needs to discover your company and become interested in working for you. A cohesive, connected web presence means that, no matter where a job seeker first encounters your company, they can easily learn more and, hopefully, send an application your way.

While a lot of this stuff is easier said than done, it’s worth it to invest a bit more time into building up connectivity in your web presence. Your goal should be to get job seekers from browsing to applying in as few clicks as possible.


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