Value of Critical Thinking Skills on the Rise


Employers aren’t happy. Across the board, those in charge of hiring at US companies are dissatisfied with the quality of the applicants that are turning up on their doorstep. If it’s not their lack of education, it’s their lack of experience. If it’s not their lack of charisma, it’s their lack of data analysis skills. A glimmer of hope for both job seekers and employers comes in the form of a new survey from Wakefield Research which suggests that employers are more interested in well-rounded candidates than those with narrowly-focused skill sets. Apparently, 93% of employers say that they value “soft skills” such as problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills. (Score +1 for those of you with Humanities degrees out there!) While this is just one survey that certainly won’t end the job search woes of people with BAs, the take home message here is that when presenting yourself to an employer, highlighting all of your skills is important. Communication skills and problem solving might not seem tough, but these are qualities that not everyone possesses. Stand out from the crowd by highlighting your “soft skills” at your next interview. To read an article discussing this survey further, click the link below.

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