Verbal Oversight: Things Bosses Shouldn’t let Slip


One of the most important qualities that someone who’s in charge of other people should possess is the ability to hear themselves talk. Strength as a leader doesn’t lie in preoccupation with the things that you say, but in the ability to speak to employees with tact and in a way that makes them feel respected. Things that you should avoid saying as a boss are phrases that make you sound phony or out of touch.

You certainly shouldn’t expect a story of a lavish vacation to inspire harder work — it’s more likely to inspire resentment. In other words, your job as a facilitator, manager or CEO is to promote an environment of unity and teamwork, not just to use words like “unity” and “teamwork”. Remember to be conscious of saying things that could make your employees feel used or alienated. To find out the terms to avoid in the workplace, click the link below to read the full article from CEO.com.

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