Visual Media Boosts Job Description Engagement


The job description has been a mainstay for finding employees since the first classified ads appeared in newspapers. Back then, these words behind the sports page were gobbled up by job seekers hungry for a chance to get into the working world. In today’s media-saturated environment, a block of plain text can be forgettable as what you ate for breakfast last Tuesday.

I realize that all these words that I’m putting down amount to just that , so, in the spirit of today’s article, here’s a picture that you’ll remember for the rest of the day. According to an article from ERE.net, the problem with conventional job descriptions is not only aesthetic but biological in nature. Humans engage with words with their short term memory while images go straight through to long term. Simply put: we’re hardwired for images.

While traditional job descriptions should by no means be abandoned, there is definitely room for improvement. To read about the future of incorporating visual media into job descriptions, follow the link below.

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