Wal-Mart Intends to Hire 100,000 Veterans


Wal-Mart announced their plan to help strengthen the U.S. economy by hiring 100,000 veterans as well as stocking its shelves with a higher percentage of goods manufactured in the United States. This act of good faith comes a few months after the store had seen walk outs and striking by its employees across the country. During the strikes, disgruntled employees said that they were not allowed to work full time or change their schedule, problems that critics of the store immediately brought up in response to Tuesday’s announcement.

They also brought up an earlier “Made in America” campaign during which the retailer presented foreign manufactured goods as made in the USA. This being said, Wal-Mart does provide high wages in its store’s management positions, the highest salary of a store manager being over 250,000 dollars. It’s clear that the retail giant is trying to be less harsh toward their employees, which is definitely a good thing. If this gesture is enough to drop unemployment rate, we have yet to see. To read more follow the link below to a Reuters article.

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