Walmart’s Employer Brand Nightmare


Over the past year there has been a lot of focus on employer branding, both in recruiting and more broadly in the business world. You can scrutinize your methods for searching, hiring and onboarding, and still come up puzzled as to how to improve your image.

To make things a little more clear on what makes a good employer brand, we can focus on an example of a company that has a notoriously bad employer brand: Walmart.

The staunchly anti-union company is currently facing their first sustained strike, which comes in the wake of a recent toxic waste dumping scandal in California. Let’s call Walmart a worst-case example: for bad press, and for worse employer branding. Being a little rough around the edges is one thing, but Walmart has developed an actual reputation for negativity: everything from intimidation to consistently withholding wages. In order to generate a positive public perception, understand what kind of standards apply in your industry and hold yourself to them.

By treating your employees with the respect they deserve you’re helping yourself be attractive to talent. To read an article about the latest Walmart employee strike, click the link below.

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