What Millennials Want Out of Their Next Employer


If you’re trying to be a competitive hiring force with the largest emerging job seeker demographic (the Millennials), then you’ll need to understand what they’re looking for in their next (or first) employer.

Unlike previous generations to flood the working world, much of what motivates the Millennials to choose one job over the other has little to do with who pays more. Millennials, more than anything else, want to identify with the place where they work. They want to be able to see themselves doing rewarding, interesting and having an impact on things with a potential employer.

Talk about high expectations!

And these expectations are no smaller for the top companies where Millennials want to work at. According to “The Top 5 Places Millennials Want to Work,” the most desirable companies to Generation Y are: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Walt Disney Company, their local hospital, Google and Apple.

While their expectations might be a little over-inflated, at least this generation has a clear idea about what they want. Besides meaningful work, Generation Y places a very high value on the work/life balance, 70% of respondents saying that it was an important factor when choosing employers.

So what do you do to attract Millennials if you aren’t Google, Apple or Disney?

Well, the most effective way to get Generation Y (or any job seeker for that matter) interested in your company is to have a defined employer brand. Make sure that anybody investigating your company is able to see the exciting careers that you offer as well as the real world impact that your company makes through both your daily operations and any causes you might be involved in outside of the business side of things. If your team engages in volunteer work or has frequent rock-climbing outings, make sure that you leverage the identity that it provides your company.

The key is to stand out and give Millennials a chance to think “Hey, I could really see myself working there.”


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