What Will Be the Fastest Growing, Highest Paying Jobs of this Decade?


What will determine the fastest growing, highest paying jobs of this decade? Will it be the expansion of new technologies like 3-D printing? Will it be a need for greater information security in the wake of the NSA scandal? Will we all get jet packs and then need custom decal specialists to help us tell them all apart?  For the answers to these questions, here’s “6 High Paying Jobs of the Future” from Forbes.

For the most part, these jobs are based on specialized skill sets that are theorized to be in increasingly high demand over the next decade. For instance, so called “Ethical Hackers” will be in ever greater demand as companies bring on these security evasion specialists to poke holes in their current system with an eye towards blocking out not-so-ethical hackers.

Another profession expected to take off in the near future is Logistics. Logisticians use advanced computer mapping technology to track the flow of products in both macro and micro environments and then try to improve the efficiency of that flow. While they are primarily employed for improvements to efficiency at the moment, the article theorizes that their skill set will also be in high demand as unmanned drones and computer driven cars increase in prevalence. To find out what the other growth jobs of the next decade will be, check out the Forbes article.


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