What You May Not Know About Big Data


Chances are that if you’re in business, you’ve been hearing the term “Big Data” being thrown around with other phrases like “the future” or “crazy-awesome-giant-scary.” But what exactly is Big Data? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it in your computer or just in your head? Big Data is, well, big.

Big like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus all rolled into one big, because that’s precisely what makes up most of it. According to this Autonomy info-graphic, 90% of useful consumer data is unstructured or “human information.” This means the entirety of the human race’s online presence.

The rest of the data is “structured”, all the information kept on private databases. To get a great overview of the potential of the data industry and where it’s going, click the link below to see Infomart’s informative info-graphic.

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