What’s in Store for Hiring in 2014 (Part 2)


Last week, we discussed some of the emerging and continuing recruiting trends for 2014 based, for the most part, on a 2 part article by Dr. John Sullivan. While part one of The Top 25 Recruiting Trends, Problems and Opportunities for 2014 focused mainly on the opportunities in store for recruiters in 2014, Part 2 is more focused on the problems side of things.

According to Dr. Sullivan, one of the biggest challenges for recruiters in the next year will result from something we’ve discussed pretty often on this blog: employee retention. Dr. Sullivan suggested including using the possibility of flight risk as one of  the most important criteria to measure in your finalist candidates.

Whether or not turnover rates will actually increase by 25 percent (as the article claims it will) remains to be seen.

Another challenge that recruiters may face in the next year is meeting the “speed of hire” demands of their clients. Now that many businesses are far enough from the recession’s icy grip to focus on being competitive again, the rate at which they can fill high impact positions will only grow in importance. What ever is in store for the hiring world and the world at large in 2014, you can that things will get a bit faster, a bit more complicated and hopefully a bit more beautiful.


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