Where Does Your Careers Page Place Your Company?


Are you really getting all that you can out of your company’s careers page? If it’s been months or even years since that page was updated, you need to dust it off and take a good hard look at how your company is representing itself. When properly managed, your career page can leave curious job seekers enticed and ready to apply.

If, however, you’ve neglected to update this page for some time or it’s just plain shabby, it can seriously turn people off.

Some useful tools for evaluating the state of your career page are in the article “7 Questions About Your Career Page.” One of the most useful bits of advice that I saw in this article was to feature real employees from your organization on your careers page. This way, job seekers can see testimonials of how great it is to work for your company from people who actually work at your company.

The article has some other really useful tips, but one thing they didn’t stress that much was the importance of making your careers page mobile friendly.

Most job seekers with smart phones use them for their job search, a talent market that you can’t afford to miss out on.


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