Which Walking Dead Character Would be Best at Your Office?


Have you ever thought about how it would be to work with the cast of your favorite TV show?

You know, brainstorming with House MD, sitting around some brunch with the cast of Entourage or even exploring the universe with the cast of Star Trek?

Maybe you’re in the same line of work as they are, or maybe they do the job you’ve always wanted to do yourself. We always seem to envy the lives of our favorite characters, but have you ever thought about it the other way around?

The cast of The Walking Dead, for instance, might envy your zombie-free workday and you can bet that the survivors would be into bagels that were made before the apocalypse. While you might hesitate to hire someone whose most recent job was “surviving” and whose skills include decapitation, the skills of the survivors would help them to succeed in even the harshest of business environments.

Though it would be an adjustment to go from fighting the undead back to the world of meetings, memos and managers we’re sure that many of the cast members of the Walking Dead would be an asset to your office.




Daryl is a man of few words, but they always seem to ring true. Born into a troubled household, Daryl was already used to fending for himself and living off the land even before the dead rose to walk the earth. Though he has had several conflicts of interest with his team, he cares deeply for his friends and his rogue instincts always lead him to solutions that the group cannot see.

As an employee would use these trail-blazing traits to great effect, but the first adjustment to be made would have to be leaving the crossbow at home. It has been a long time since Daryl has had a desk job (maybe the first time) so giving him the flexibility to work from his motorcycle is a must.

Daryl would be great at exploring, making him a natural for selling in new territories and emerging markets. Additionally, his kind, soft spoken demeanor would be a great asset as a salesman.



Glenn is a team player. Whenever something needs to be done that’s too dangerous, way too dangerous or downright crazy, Glen is always volunteering to put his neck out for the good of the group. From the very beginning, Glenn has been one of the pillars of stability in the group of survivors. His unrelenting optimism has been key for making through trying times, and his instincts for leadership and level-headed action have made him one of the most valuable members of the team.

As an employee, Glenn would be great. He knows how to cooperate, but also how to lead and this flexibility makes him a natural fit for positions that require both collaboration and effective, independent action. Glen would be a natural manager, but this management position would have to be active enough to occupy this former supply runner.



Michonne joined up with the survivors a little later in the game, but she has been a valuable asset to the group. Armed with her signature samurai sword, Michonne has sliced her way through the walking dead and the evil living alike. Her outsider’s perspective helps her to see through the deceit that is so common in post-zombie America and this survivors instinct has served her and the other survivors very well over the course of the series.

As an employee, Michone would take that kitana-sharp focus and apply it to some technical tasks in need of swift completion. She isn’t much of a people person, so anything to do with management or that involved dealing with a high volume of customers may have her reverting to her sword swinging days. The best position for her would be one that is results dependent and very lite on direct management.



Sheriff Grimes

Sheriff Grimes is the first character who we meet in the Walking Dead. His true grit and unwavering commitment to his family and the survivors has made him a natural team leader throughout their journey. Though the hardships of survival have pushed him to the brink of madness in the past, Grimes keeps going and hid dogged determination is sure to help the survivors in the premier this Sunday.

As an employee, however, Sherriff Grimes would have to make a few adjustments. Following the fall of civilization, Sherriff Grimes has held on to his station and has been dispensing his own brand of justice throughout the series. As a manager, Sherriff Grimes would have to be more open to considering the wishes of his employees and would have to sway his management style away from his tense, jaw clenching delivery. Though Sheriff Grimes would need to get used to the private sector, he could still be a great leader at your company once he ditches the grim-as-death management style.


The Walking Dead premiers for it’s 7th season on AMC  this Sunday, October 23rd and is eagerly awaited by zombie fans around the world.





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