Why Cubicles Aren’t so Bad After All


For those of you who work in an open-plan office, you know that the layout, unfettered by chest-high walls, is often given to its own set of problems. In theory, the open plan exists to facilitate the free flow of ideas through the office and keep workers more on task by putting them in sight of their peers. According to Quartz, however, the open office has just the opposite effect on employees.

Workers in an open office get sick 62% more frequently than those with private work spaces. Not only that, but several studies suggest that, when workers are on the job, the open office lay out has the effect of distracting and even demotivating employees. Why is this? In another study referenced by the Quartz article, it was found that noisy co-workers and having to overhear telephone conversations was the biggest hangup for the majority of workers. To read more about the pitfalls of the open plan office, click the link below.

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