Why Doesn’t Anyone Respond to My Job Postings?


The title that you choose to put on your free job posting is of great strategic importance for getting the responses that you want from job seekers in a timely fashion. A good job description is succinct, accurate and encapsulates the entirety of the job that you are advertising.

When job seekers browse boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, they aren’t entering phrases like “motivated”, “career oriented” or “expectations”. If a Web Designer is looking for a job, chances are that “Web Designer” is what they will be entering into their job board search engine. If your job description contains too many irrelevant qualifiers (gifted, go-getter, wizard, etc.) then your ad will be buried under pages and pages of more pertinent results.

An article from Simply Hired’s Leonard Palomino gives a few simple rules for how to slap a great job description on your next posting. An important thing to note is when to use abbreviations in a job description. Things like “Jr”, “Engi” or “Mgmt” should always be spelled out completely (even if you’re trying to tweet your next job ad.) However, industry recognized abbreviations like DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) are perfectly alright if you’re trying to save space.

To summarize, the big points to hit with your next job title are: be specific to the role, be concise, avoid unnecessary descriptors and be wary of abbreviations.


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