Why Experience Makes Us Sloppy


Experience is one of the most important things in the hiring world. Hiring managers want to hire people with years of the stuff and they want recruiters with years more of it delivering that quality of candidate. But experience can be a double edged sword.

They say that “with age comes wisdom”, but whoever “they” are forgot that years of doing the same thing also means that we feel more comfortable doing it and, therefore, are much more prone to making mistakes.

Sure you might know the best conversational practices for enticing and closing with candidates, but are you actually following through with what you’ve learned?

For some more on the bad habits that many recruiters pick up over their careers, here’s “The No. 1 Error That Experienced Recruiters Make,” from ERE.net. This article mostly covers a phenomenon that is by no means limited to the recruiting industry: getting sloppy.

Things like trying to get through your inbox while on the phone with a potential hire or just plain assuming that you’ve found the right person for the job after just a few minutes. Besides the potential that mistakes have for biting your behind down the line, allowing oversight and laziness to creep into your work means that you’re misspending the valuable people skills that you’ve built up over the years.

Sure, you know what you’re doing, just don’t leave the fundamentals back at the beginning of your career.


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