Why Leaders Need to Keep the Whole Puzzle in Mind


Intelligent problem solving is one of the most important skill sets for an effective leader to possess. A leader that has an inability to see the big picture when presented by problems or just avoids them all together will never be as effective as someone who approaches these business challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. There are always going to be problems associated with running a business or managing a number of employees, most of which have no obvious solution. A great leader needs to always be looking for the positives in the midst of difficult situations, for the solution that deals with both the immediate hassle and the root of the issue as well.

For more thoughts on this characteristic of great leaders, here’s “The 4 Most Effective Ways Leaders Solve Problems” from Forbes. The most valuable point that this article stresses is the need for transparency and collaboration with employees while attempting to work through difficulties. Absolutely consult with the other people that a problem effects. If you engage people both in your department and across the company associated with the problem at hand, you stand to solve it much more quickly and in a way that benefits the most people possible. As they say, 20 heads is always better than 1 department head.


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