Why the Government Shut Down is the Years Biggest Recruitment Opportunity


As the government shut down the middle of its second week, one can’t help but sympathize with all of the government workers that have been furloughed, fired or are waiting on paychecks. No mater what your political views may be, you can probably agree with me that that, with most government agencies operating with 10% or less of their full staff, there has been a good deal of collateral damage from the political impasse.

Now, if we were to view the Federal Government as just another struggling organization in the post recession age, this would be the perfect time for a recruiter to start reaching out to some of the top disgruntled talent in that organization. According to an article from Dr. John Sullivan, approaching the employees of an organization undergoing furloughs, hiring freezes and other such disruptive factors is known as “right time” recruiting.

With millions of government workers feeling uncertain about their job security, top performers that would previously have been opposed to the private sector might now be quite receptive to the idea. According to Dr. Sullivan, it may be possible to recruit entire functioning teams in one fell swoop.  The government employs large numbers of IT professionals, engineers and scientists which are some of the toughest private sector jobs to fill. By reaching out to top government talent while the iron is hot (so to speak), you gain access to a massive passive applicant pool that is frustrated with their current employer.

To find out how to start reaching out to top government talent, follow the link below.

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