Words of Wisdom from Google Guru


For a company that deals as heavily in data as Google, it makes sense that their hiring function should be similarly numbers-driven. Everything is recorded and analyzed, their internal processes adjusting to the very metrics generated by the adjustments of their internal processes. While this can sound a little closed-off, this careful in-house analysis has yielded some interesting results, some of which challenge conventional hiring wisdom. In a New York Times interview given earlier this week by Google’s Lazlo Block, he revealed that several common predictors of success (GPA, test scores and even the interview) are not as important as we thought. Indeed, Google doesn’t even look at the GPA of their applicants any longer. One of the most interesting revelations given by Block was that hiring managers who think that they have a special sense for talent, actually do not. You can never have too much focus on your hiring function and Google shows us what we can all learn about challenging the norm in hiring. To read the New York Times article, click the link below.

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