United States Supreme Court Justice – Apply your Serenity, Courage and Wisdom


Accolo is supporting the effort to fill this job as part of our civic duty.

Larkspur, CA – September 13, 2005 – Accolo, Inc., a professional recruitment firm, today announced that it has initiated a search for the next United States Supreme Court Justice.

In an unprecedented move, Accolo is supporting the effort to fill the Justice opening as part of its civic duty in an unofficial capacity. “Americans value choice and opportunity, and this is our nation’s chance to cast a wide net to identify the most appropriate candidate.” said John Younger, Accolo’s CEO. “The impact this person will have is tremendous, and a healthy democracy requires equal access.” Serious candidates will be forwarded to President Bush and select members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Diversity of experience and opinion is essential for a respected Supreme Court, and Accolo’s efforts to incorporate viable candidates outside the beltway are extraordinary,” commented Jim Parton, Attorney and Partner with San Francisco’s Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer. “While introducing some levity, this is an effective way to educate the public and give capable attorneys, judges and public servants a means to be considered.”


Title: United States Supreme Court Justice – Apply your Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

Strength of character, historical perspective, rhetorical flair, and a willingness to stand on principle come naturally to you. Your keen intellect, deep understanding of the most complex legal issues, communication skills, demonstrated ability to make informed decisions and writing acumen will serve you well in this high profile job. Step up to the opportunity of a lifetime as you mold the fundamental legal principles of the United States during a time of great volatility.

The United States Federal Government offers competitive salary and benefits. In addition to completing this application, the selection process includes being nominated by the President and receiving Senate confirmation.

You read legal doctrines for fun and shine in legal and political careers. Your endless barbeque debates about civil rights, race relations, criminal procedure, freedom of speech and press, and church-state relations regularly make you the center of attention. While this job has no formal requirements, previous top-performers have been natural-born citizens with significant judicial experience. In the last 200 years, all selected candidates have been lawyers. Most were current or previous members of Congress, governors, members of the Cabinet, attorneys, law professors or judges in the United States court system. Impress your friends, influence your neighbors and apply your in-depth legal experience as a United States Supreme Court Justice.

Exercise your power as a member of our democracy. We all benefit when the best possible candidate is selected. Please distribute this job opening broadly and encourage appropriate candidates to apply.

Accolo is supporting the effort to fill this job as part of our civic duty in an unofficial capacity. Americans value choice and opportunity, so this is your chance to be considered even if you are not currently part of the President’s inner circle. Serious candidates will be forwarded to President Bush and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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Here are the questions we asked in the online process.

Multiple Choice:
I have been a lawyer or law professor the following number of years:
· n/a – I have not been an lawyer or law professor
· 1 to 5 years
· 6 to 10 years
· 11 to 20 years
· Over 20 years

To find a justification for the right to privacy, I would start looking in:
· My bathroom
· Warren Burger’s imagination
· The Bill of Rights
· My credit card company’s database
· Cleveland

Regarding marriage, I believe the government should:
· Allow only opposite sex marriages
· Allow only same sex marriages
· Allow marriages only between people who share the same taste in pizza and sitcoms
· Not be involved, that’s my mother’s job
· Allow all marriages (with the possible exception of siblings and 1st cousins)

In balancing environmental concerns with economic realities, I believe:
· Economic realities are the top priority
· Economic realities are the high priority with some consideration for environmental concerns
· Economic realities should be balanced equally with environmental concerns
· Environmental concerns are the high priority with some consideration for economic realities
· Environmental concerns are the top priority

The highest level position I have held as a judge has been with the:
· n/a – I would be new to being a judge
· Municipal or Superior court
· State or Appellate court
· Federal District Court
· Federal Appeals Court

Regarding affirmative action, I believe that in general:
· More affirmative action is necessary to remedy the continued effects of past discrimination against minority groups and prevent present discrimination
· Affirmative action has accomplished its goals and is no longer needed
· Affirmative action is an unfair quota system that penalizes people who aren’t responsible for past discrimination and gives jobs to less qualified people

My experience with the federal legal system is primarily as a:
· n/a – not listed or I would be new to the federal legal system
· Convicted felon
· Bailiff
· Litigant or Juror
· Judge or attorney

In general, my view on endangered species is that:
· Sufficient controls and legislation are in place
· Environmental legislation is in place but needs more enforcement
· We have a moderate risk of losing endangered species and that some additional legislation and controls need to be put in place
· There is a crisis affecting endangered species and that extreme action needs to be taken
· They’re best in a white wine sauce with capers

De jure school desegregation is something I:
– Support
– Am neutral about
– Oppose
– De what?

Regarding the Interpretation of Constitutional Issues, I believe Federal Judges should:
· Attempt to discern and apply strict, “Original Intent” of Constitutional framers to adjudicate current legal issues
· Interpret the Constitution in the context of current social, political and economic realities of the United States and the world in general
· Interpret the Constitution consistent with “Natural Law” principals to decide issues not clearly addressed by the Constitution or US Supreme Court precedent
· Take each case as it comes and apply the philosophy that best advances my political agenda

Regarding a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body, I am generally:
· Pro choice
· Pro choice and pro life
· Neutral on the issue
· Pro life with some exceptions
· Pro life

Regarding government’s power to control personal behavior, I:
· The government should have no right to regulate personal behavior that does not hurt another person
· The government may regulate some personal behavior but should stay out of the bedroom
· Neutral on the issue
· The government should be able to compel people to follow generally accepted moral principles
· The government should be able to ban any behavior that a majority of people consider immoral even if it is entirely private

Who has NOT been a Supreme Court Justice?
· Sandra Day O’Connor
· Judge Judy
· Salmon P. Chase
· Ruth Bader Ginsburg
· Harry A. Blackmun

I have been elected into a state or federal public office the following number of times:
· More than 5 times
· 4 to 5 times
· 2 to 3 times
· Once
· n/a – I have not been elected into a state or federal office

The federal government:
· Needs more power to run the country
· Is about the right size
· Is too powerful and states should be able to make more decisions
· Doesn’t really run the country, corporations do that

To me, the expression “prior experience on the bench” primarily refers to:
· Weightlifting
· Being third string on the high-school basketball team
· Gym class
· Being a judge

Regarding religious freedom in the public schools, I believe public schools should:
· Be able to teach religion to students
· Teach intelligent design as an alternative to the theory of evolution
· Should be neutral concerning religion
· Be forbidden to promote any religion
· Be forbidden from permitting any discussion of religion

Regarding what some claim to be a wall between church and state, I believe:
· Good fences make good neighbors
· We should be bringing people together, not building walls between them
· 300 years of religious warfare in Europe argues against linking government and religion
· 90% of Americans are religious; we can’t keep their beliefs out of their government
· Why can’t we all just get along

In the 19th century, the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights as people, but some are challenging this decision. I believe:
· It was a good idea, it promotes corporate accountability
· It was a bad idea, corporations may have the same rights but they have different rules
· We should be able to give the CEOs a time-out when they do bad things
· It is settled law, the economy is based on it, so leave it alone
· Corporations are made up of people, so it is a logical extension of constitutional rights

Should my candidacy be deemed appropriate, I authorize Accolo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to President Bush and select members of the United States Senate:
· No
· Yes

Should my candidacy be deemed appropriate, I:
· Authorize Accolo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media
· Ask that Accolo contact me to get authorization prior to forwarding my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media
· Do not want Accolo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media

I confirm that my answers to questions in this on-line interview are complete and accurate. Permission is granted to verify all statements in this application.
· Yes
· No

Behavioral Based Questions

Describe the most complex legal issue with which you have been involved. What was the situation, your role and the outcome?

What is your opinion concerning how a Supreme Court Justice should interpret the Constitution?

Briefly describe why you believe you would make an appropriate United States Supreme Court Justice.

What would you describe as the top three characteristics of an appropriate United States Supreme Court Justice?

Would you describe yourself as more conservative or liberal? Why?

What else do you want to emphasize about your experience or beliefs for this job?


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