Tactical vs. Strategic Recruiting: The Difference is Real.

Tactical Recruiting

When thinking about recruiting, it’s easy to fall into the trap of examining the entire hiring process from a tactical perspective. You need to fill a specific job by a specific date and within a certain budget.

Recruiting often becomes a myopic, transactional activity without long-term goals or alignment to strategy. For many companies, recruiting is a reaction to the need to get a position filled, and nothing more.

While tactics have their place in recruiting, they don’t add up to a good long term hiring process, and focusing only on tactics can have significant negative impacts on your business.


Strategic Recruiting

A strategic approach to recruitment aligns your hiring activities with the business’ mission, vision and values. Strategic recruiting means you’re filling open positions today, while also looking to the future to determine long term needs and how to meet those needs in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

The strategic approach allows you to continuously improve the delivery, quality, and cost of hiring while creating the most impactful and effective recruitment process possible.

Recruiting strategically with skilled experts, a comprehensive technology platform, and proven processes will lead you to the results you want.

Accolo provides the complete solution.

Analysis and Planning

As your all-in-one recruiting solution, we begin our work with you by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current recruiting situation. We examine what you’re doing now and put together a plan to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be in six months, a year, five years, or more.

With our team of diverse specialists, we will align with your custom hiring needs, instead of offering a one size fits all solution.

RPO services
RPO Services

Extensive Job Marketing

We start marketing by writing comprehensive job descriptions for each unique position that stand out from the crowd while presenting your company as a great place to work.

We then market the open positions to all the major job boards, industry specific networks, our own Accolo Career Network, and social media networks. If you have an employee referral program, we’ll even create a marketing campaign for your open positions.

We also craft job specific initial interview questions and secondary behavioral questions to help ensure that on the best qualified candidates are considered.

Talent Sourcing and Engagement

We spend considerable time profiling ideal talent for each open position. Once complete, we conduct targeted candidate outreach to find best candidates for your open positions, even if they’re not actively seeking new employment.

Regardless of how your talent finds its way into the hiring process, they are YOUR candidates. We don’t ever source them out to other clients.

RPO Services
RPO services

Unparalleled Candidate Assessment

Screening and sorting candidates can be a tedious and difficult aspect of the recruiting process. We take care of all of it for you.

Using patented online interviewing, scoring, and ranking systems, in addition to tried and true, behaviorally based phone interviews, we dive deep to find you the absolute best talent.

Candidate Care

We take great care of your candidates for you by following the Candidate Bill of Rights. We didn’t just create the Candidate Bill of Rights, we live by it!

From initial candidate engagement and application, through filling the position, candidates receive updates at every stage of the process, including a polite email if they aren’t accepted for further interviewing or the position has been filled.

We also take care of the candidate verification process, including reference & background checks.

RPO services

Our Award Winning Approach

We recognize that each company we partner with has its own unique recruiting needs, which is why we tailor our solutions to each client. We don’t just fill jobs, we take care of your entire recruiting function from end-to-end as a managed service provider.

At Accolo, we go beyond RPO and become your all-in-one recruiting solution.

Based on our collective experience, including thousands of job launches and successful hires, we’ve identified the most effective methods and technologies to deliver high quality talent faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Our Elevated RPO solutions are fueled by four key functions:

Simply stated, Accolo provides the people, process, technology platform, strategy and verifiable results to increase your hiring performance and reach your company goals.

What kind of results can we deliver?


Hiring Manager Satisfaction
2x industry average


Improved Time-to-Fill for
most challenging roles


Less costly than the national cost per hire according to Staffing.org


Less hassle & headaches than agencies or doing everything internally

From big name brands to growing businesses.

I like the [Accolo] process, and how it gets very quickly to the best people for the position that we were looking at. Ultimately the candidates that were best for the job, ranked the highest. Plus during the interviews, there was no question regarding qualifications for the position. A big time saver for me.

Hiring Manager

Hiring Manager

Johnson Controls

Accolo has helped Panduit to reduce recruiting costs and they've been a valuable partner. Our Accolo consultants have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that our hiring managers and candidates have the best experience possible.

Tim Dee

Tim Dee

SVP HR at Panduit

[Hiring Consultant] was wonderful to work with for Pharmacyclics. Always cheerful and professional. She is very detail oriented and sensitive to my needs with finding the right candidate. Simply a pleasure to work with and look forward to working with her on talent acquisition when that time comes again.

Gene Lee

Gene Lee

Sr. Director QA, Pharmacyclics.

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